Monday, June 18, 2012

My Mental Emotion ~My Nightmares Come Again~

My Mental Emotion. ~My Nightmares Come Again.~

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Story

The beginning of the same year.

I got woke up this morning by my mom yelling "Roxy get up before you late for school!" So i walk out to the living room to see my mom with some clothes in her hand.
"Mom what are those for?" 
"I got clothes for you to wear to school today." 
"But mom i wanna wear something you didn't pick out."
"Roxy don't argue with me your going to wear this."
"Whatever mom!" 
So i take the clothes and storm up to my room and put them on. I feel like a total slut. I end up walking out to the car in this 
 [polyvore] "Mom, i feel like a total slut i don't want to wear this." 
"Roxy, thats too bad cause you are now get in the car and lets go." 
So i get into the car and we go to school. Before i get out of the car i put my hood on so no one would notice me, but the did. A guy walked up to me and started to talk to me.
"Hi, my name is Jackson."
 "Hi, im Roxy."
I start to walk to the office to get my schedule and Jackson follows me. 
"Jackson will you leave me alone."
"Roxy, im just trying to be nice and make a friend." 
"Well im not a good friend to have so just go!"
"Roxy are you okay?"
"No i'm not, but that doesn't matter."
"Yes it does matter, i know you just met me but i want you to know you can talk to me about things if you need to, you can be open with me, and i will listen to every word you have to say." As i start to look at the ground and come to a complete stop i look at him and he actually means what he just said.
"Do you really want to be my friend Jackson?" 
"Yes i would and do you want to talk?"
"It would be helpful, but i need to get my classes first."
"Okay ill take you to the office." So i follow Jackson to the office to get my classes. Jackson seems like a real sweet and considerate guy, but i bet he will judge me after i talk to him about things. Thats what everybody has done to me, act like they care about me then use me and throw me out like im trash. And its all because of my mom. Jackson and i get to the office, and i go to the desk to get my classes.
"Hi, my name is Roxana i came to get my classes." 
"Yeah, just wait a minute let me print them out." The secretary hands me my classes and i thank her as i walk out with Jackson. "Roxy are you still willing to talk to me?"
I quietly reply "yes". 
 Then Jackson grabs my hand and leads me to the picnic tables so we can talk. My only problem is im scared that he will judge me like everybody else has. So i quietly start to speak and tell him why i am so depressed.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Love is a never ending path,
It is never painless,
Nor is always good,
But i wil tell you one thing,
I Love You.
See our love is painless,
And our love is good,
Now i know we will keep it that way .

Thursday, May 17, 2012

You are hurt me.
You make me cry.
You harass me.
You try to beat me.
You have abused me.
You have touched me.
I have cried every night in fear.
I am scared to see you.
But you know what?!
You have succeeded.
Ill leave this world.
Ill die for your joy.
Now how do you feel?
Do you feel great you caused someone to die?
Well you did. 
Now live with it.

Pain is my Joy.
It keeps me alive,
It keeps me from burning on the inside.
id rather feel pain than nothing at all,
Because without my pain i would fall.
Math i hate you
Your equations confuse me
The formulas confuse me
Your numbers make no sense
Your rules make no sense
And i can say this,
Math i hate you.

I hate math but yet i made these equations lol

9x - 7i > 3(3x-7u)
9x - 7i > 9x - 2lu
-7i > - 2lu
7i < - 2lu
i <3 u

3I - 3 < 5U - 2U
I < 5U - 2U
I <3 U  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My life always has poetry

 a poem for you baby-----
The past is the past, so leave it behind
look to the future, to the wonders you find
to the love that is yours, and yours alone
to the beating of a heart you own, the beautiful tone
to a life full of joy, pleasure and peace
to a life where the fears and nightmares will cease
because that is where I will take you, where I want you to be
because you are mine, and I love you, I hope you see.
The past is the past, so leave it behind
look to the future, to the wonders you find